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TPC/JW Marriott Resort Hotel Project

Two PGA Championship Golf Courses, a gorgeous JW Marriott Resort Hotel, thousands of jobs to be created and a development that would pump millions into the San Antonio tourism economy. A no-brainer, right? 

One small problem – it was to be built over a portion of the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio’s sole source of drinking water at the time. 

Trish, along with the leadership at the PGA Tour and a team of the best local engineers and land use attorneys, guided the project over the course of 12 years through inflammatory twists and turns, four different city councils and two intensely negotiated development agreements. 

The end result turned the most controversial development project in Bexar County history into the most successful and environmentally sensitive development project in the history of the County. 

Today, the project stands as a testament to what can be accomplished by building consensus among disparate groups and views for the greater good of the community. It is now host to the Valero Texas Open and a premiere destination.

the value of research

Fluoridation of San Antonio Water Supply

After two failed attempts, the third time was a charm for San Antonio and fluoride. At the time that Trish led the campaign in 2002, San Antonio was the only major City in the country that did not have fluoride in its water system. 

Her efforts combined with that of Mayor Ed Garza, the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School and hundreds of volunteers led to success. It was on that campaign that Trish cut her teeth (pun intended) on the value of research and messaging. 

Trish’s relentless focus and ability to keep the campaign on message ultimately led to victory. 


The Story of a Little Diaper Cream That Could

It was campaign work that led Trish to an introduction at Mission Pharmacal, a pharmaceutical company based in San Antonio, Texas. A gem of a product housed under Mission called, Dr. Smith’s Diaper Cream, was popular among industrious moms looking for relief of their infants painful diaper rash, but had only generated a cult versus a commercial following.

That all changed when Trish implemented campaign style research to drive the “the little diaper cream that could” to exponential growth. With a combination of messaging and a social media campaign that targeted desperate moms looking for a diaper cream that produced results and relief for their infants literally overnight, a star was born. 

Via social media, trade shows and positive press, a tremendous following was created and the hyper-local Dr. Smith’s brand was launched nationwide in Chicago with Walgreen’s stores. Today, it remains one of the most trusted products in the baby retail category.