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TD Strategies is the culmination of critical lessons learned over 25 years, combined with an insatiable curiosity to push the envelope when it comes to strategic communications. Trish is a woman who lets her affinity for branding, data and metrics drive the outcome.

Trish DeBerry’s career has spanned television news, public relations, marketing, campaign management and crisis communications. She’s a force to be reckoned with combined with a strong sense of servant leadership.

Her experience has led her to where she is today – a communications expert with the gift of gab. She has a way with a pen and a wit to match. Not to mention an uncanny ability to identify talent for a team and cultivate it. 

Trish is the genuine article and there is no match to her energy, passion and drive to be the best not only for her clients, but for herself and teammates. 

Trusted by many:


Trish DeBerry is known for her proactive leadership, relentless spirit and empowering nature.

Trish– aka Captain Marvel – believes that superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. With her wicked smart intellect and passion for making a difference, there is no doubt that Trish is built for speed and performance to find solutions to problems most find too vexing to conquer. In fact, a Lambhorgini has nothing on this force of nature.

A native San Antonian, Trish has a deep and abiding love for the Alamo City and has led successful initiatives for 25 years that have changed the face of the community.

But, her best superpower is crisis communications. Trish can create strategies that develop consensus, as well as deliver impactful results. When your reputation or your #$%  is on the line, she is your first call. Make no mistake that the relationship forged through that fire will last a lifetime.  That’s just the kind of magnetism she brings to the table.

A strategist and visionary at heart, she is uniquely qualified to provide the overarching big picture under which all other communications tactics flow.

When Trish isn’t blazing trails all over town, she is honing her superpowers of strength and agility on a bike at a cycling studio – on pace for a remarkable 1,100 rides. See, we told you she was built for record setting speed! She’s also supermom to her two kids Scott and Maddie who provide the fuel to her sparkle and non-stop energy. 

A full-time political pro and part-time fashionista, Trish brings brilliance and (bling) sophistication to every table she sets no matter what the order.


Lizzy Aranibar

Director of Fundraising & Events at TD Strategies, Lizzy always seems to find a way to make friends with the people she meets. Those who know her best say that she’s never met a stranger and she’s been given the nickname FUN-raiser because she puts the “fun” in a task that’s oftentimes stressful and mundane.  

Lizzy comes from an extensive fundraising and event planning background, both in the political and nonprofit worlds. If you ask her what she likes most about her work, she will tell you it’s the relationships that she’s been able to form.  

When Lizzy isn’t making new friends, she’s hanging out with her old friends including her husband and high school sweetheart Roberto.  

She loves family, friends, food, a beautiful beach, and will never turn down a good cocktail. She’s a proud wife and a mother of 2 teenagers. Her happiest place is a set of bleachers watching her son play high school soccer. She’s been busy stocking up on waterproof mascara as she prepares for her daughter to leave for college.


Brett Owen

Brett is an artist and innovative force who has chosen digital media as his canvas to create compelling visual and digital experiences that inspire action and drive meaningful change. He is a brilliant communicator who has spent his life speaking to all generations in a heartfelt, compassionate way.

With extensive nonprofit experience, he is passionate about supporting leaders and organizations who lift our city and help families. When he’s not managing creative projects or designing websites, you’ll find Brett public speaking, consulting, and empowering teams. He loves helping people and organizations become radically focused so they can make their dreams a reality.

Brett is a devoted husband and father. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Leslee, and his 4 children ages 4, 9, 11 & 13 years old fill his life with joy and anticipation. Brett is an avid hiker, loves traveling and is always planning his next adventure.

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